Turn ideas into banking related products

Take advantages of banking operational services

Effective participation in life cycle of banking and financial application development

Opportunity to serve a wide range of banking customers


TOSAN BOOM is an eco-system to promote innovation and creativity in the banking industry. Nowadays using smart phones and other connecting devices are widely increasing among people. On the other hand lack of new user friendly apps in banking and finance services is strongly felt. TOSAN BOOM is an eco-system to respond requirements and new business models. In these days technology and businesses are growing rapidly and banks need to change in order to answer new customer requirements and improve conservatives and progressives of society. Four components of this eco-system are banks, startups, TOSAN and customers. The goal is that all components gain benefit from this ecosystem, as following:

  • For banks: Time to market, innovation and new product development in electronic banking issues are solved with high capabilities of small agile expert teams.
  • For Startups and developers: by using this eco-system to turn their idea to the next big product, which without TOSAN BOOM is difficult. TOSAN BOOM is based on actual electronic banking services that reduces risks
  • TOSAN engineering services, technical infrastructure and professional consultation provide a connection between startups and electronic banking services. By implementation of professional executive process risks of startups and banks is greatly reduced.
  • For Banks customers: customers are more loyal to bank by using this applications.
As a whole, TOSAN BOOM is an open banking platform which connects customers, startups and banks; after TOSAN accurate tests and certifications, developers submit their application in TOSAN BOOM app¬store. Banks customers use these applications to solve their banking and financial needs.

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