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Using SMS and internet services have some advantages such as faster achievement, lower costs and ease of use. Ansar mobile bank services is provided to bank customers via mobile phones to do their banking activities any time, without going to bank. In addition to the high speed and accuracy of responding, no line occupied, day and night responsibility could save energy. Mobile banking services, is provided to bank customer via the Internet or SMS on mobile phones with IOS operating system.

To use the "mobile banking" services you need:

·        Referring to one of Ansar bank branches and receiving a user name and password.

·        Downloading and installing the Ansar mobile bank.

·        A bank account in Ansar bank.

·        Before installing the Ansar mobile banking, first activate your GPRS mobile line, then get the appropriate application for your mobile phone and install it.

·        The users of previous versions have to uninstall the previous version and then install the new one.

If you have any question about the installation and using of application please call 096300.

Services are offered in Ansar mobile banking:

·        Get balance

·        Viewing latest ten turnovers and deposit bill

·        Get card balance

·        Blocking the card

·        View loan status

·        Pay the installments

·        Fund transfer from deposit to deposit

·        Fund transfer from card to card (belonging to Ansar bank customers' or other SHETAB network members)

·        Fund transfer from card to deposit

·        ACH  fund transfer

·        RTGS fund transfer

·        Fund transfer to favorite account

·        Buy SIM balance recharge cards.

·        Pay the utility bills (such as water, electricity, telephone, etc.).

·        Charity payment

·        View cheque details

·        Share receipts?

Internet (GPRS, Wi-Fi)?
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