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Mobile bank is one of Sina Bank's e-banking services, which is provided to bank customer via mobile phones. Using the "mobile bank" services, customers can access their bank account information with only a mobile phone. They can also transfer money to another deposit/card in Sina Bank or pay their utility bills such as water, electricity and phone.

To use the "mobile banking" services you need:

·        A mobile phone

·        Referring to one of Sina bank branches and receiving a user name and password

·        A bank account in Sina bank with a debit card associated with the account

·        The software program "mobile bank", which should be installed on your mobile phone

Before using the app you should notice:

·        Your mobile device operating system should be IOS.

·        The daily constraint of money transfer among Sina bank accounts is up to 30.000.000 IRR.

 If you have any question about the installation and using of application please call 021-48052000.

After installing the software "Mobile Bank" on your mobile phone, at any time of day you can:

·        Know your balance

·        Pay the utility bills (such as water, electricity, telephone, etc.).

·        Transfer money from your bank card to other bank cards belonging to Sina bank customers' or other SHETAB network members.

·        Know latest three turnovers of your accounts via SMS and its last ten outings using GPRS.

·        Block bank card

·        Change your second (online shopping) password.

·        Buy SIM balance recharge cards.

·        Do card, deposit and cheque services.

·        See loan status and pay the installments.?

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